Fibromyalgia Testimonial

Date Entered: 7-31-10

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For those of you have time, here is Jaxís story. Jax was born June 13, 2006. I carried him 34 weeks. The pregnancy was terrible. I was tired and did not feel good (completely opposite with my first pregnancy). Keep trying to go into premature labor and was finally put on bed rest 3 weeks before I had him. I had gestation diabetes with my first child and past the screening for it with Jax. Labor was easy he was out in less than 10 minutes. Birth weight was 7 pounds and 9 ounces. He came out so fast that none of the fluid was squeezed from his lungs. Was taken at birth and put on oxygen didnít get to hold him for about 12 hours. Day 2 in the hospital, the nurses brought him to me to hold and he started turning purple and blue. He was rushed back to the nursery. His sugar levels where extremely low and he was placed back on oxygen. I was told that I had gestational diabetes and that it had gone undetected. He was a preemie and his lungs were not fully developed and that was the reasoning for the difficulty breathing and for his sugar levels being out of sorts. He was on an IV for about 1 day. He was tested for Down Syndrome because one of his hands had a simian line. For 2 weeks we prayed that the test results would be negative until finally the Doctors office called and indeed it was negative. Jax was breastfed until he physically couldnít do it anymore because of reflux which was around November 1st, 2006, he was 4.5 months old. First 6 weeks of life were wonderful. Until about 6 weeks old he started spitting up terribly. It wasnít long that he kept a runny nose and a rattle in his chest. Jax hated to eat, when I would fed him he would just scream and scream. We were put on reflux meds but none of them seemed to make the symptoms better. The side effects of the drugs were seemed to be worse than the reflux. They would keep him awake all the time. He could not sleep. He was on Axid, Zantac and Prevacid. On October 30th, 2006 he had his first Barium Swallow which the results was negative but the Doctorís at Carolina Pediatrics were convinced he still had reflux and allergies. None of the reflux meds seem to work so we switched to Alimentum formula. Changing the formula did help the spitting up and the rattle in the chest. As a baby Jax has always been very sensitive to everything. He canít play on other peopleís carpet (we have hardwood floors and we donít wear shoes in our home). He canít play in the grass without pants on. The only soap I could use on his skin is Ivory. He would just break out in hives. It was so unpredictable. Around December 2006, Jax was 6 months old he started to get earaches with the congestion in his chest. Earaches and eye infections continued until the end of April when he received ear tubes in both ears. Since the tubes we have not had an earache. He started to get the croup around April 14, 2007. Jax kept thrush in his mouth from all the antibiotics since he was 6 weeks old. It wasnít until about 14 months old that the white ulcers in his mouth went away. I noticed a cycle of events with Jax. He would get so congested in his chest and throat that he would start throwing up cups ( I am not over exaggerating) of mucus. Then for about 12-18 hours he would be clear and then we would start the process all over again. This happened about every 3 days. I finally could get him to throw up in trash can or sink we did this so often. He started wheezing around mid-May, running a continuous fever. Jax was behind, he wasnít crawling, didnít care about it. He was a very miserable little boy. He just cried and cried. I was told he also had colic. I disagree his stomach wasnít tight, he didnít straighten out like a child does when their stomach is bothering them. To this day the doctors told me he had colic, my mother intuition told me different. Jax had his first Pulmacort breathing treatment January 26th, 2007. Around the first of April Jax was on Albutoral breathing treatment 4 times a day. He wasnít hungry, didnít want to play, just wanted Mommy. It hasnít been until recently that Jax would even go to another person other than myself. If he did it was kicking and screaming needless to say we have no social life. Starting around May 1st, 2007 we went from just Reflux meds (3 a day) and added Albutoral 4 to 6 times a day and Pulmacort at least 2 times a day. Finally around the end of May he was hospitalized for fever and wheezing. He had an x-ray every day in the hospital (approximately 20 x-rays total), they said he had atelectasis lungs aka asthmatic lungs. He had his 2nd Barium Swallow in the hospital which DID show signs of reflux (please keep in mind the first was NEGATIVE). His lungs were struggling to expand and he was running a fever of over 104 degrees for about a week. On top of all the other medications the hospital pediatricians added Singulair to his daily meds. Doctorís still canít tell me what was wrong with him. Jax was hospitalized at New Hanover Regional Medical Center for about a week. He was unresponsive, couldnít breathe fever at one point was 106. I was terrified as a mother. I felt like a failure. I had done EVERYTHING right, I breastfed him, loved him, took him to the doctor when he was sick. I gave him the medications on time just as the doctor told me to yet my child was sick and no one could tell me why he was running such as high fever not responding and his lungs were filled with mucous. I didnít know who to turn to or what to do. I knew that something wasnít right. My mother instinct told me that there was a bigger problem. I prayed and prayed while he was in that hospital bed more than I have ever prayed in my life. There is no worse feeling in the world than seeing your baby lay in a hospital bed lethargic and sick and you feeling so absolutely helpless. I asked God, ďWhy!Ē What is it that you want me to do, Lord! Guide me and give me wisdom. After 5 days of running a fever and removing mucous out of a childs lungs every couple of hours that was in lengths of over 3 feet. The hospital was sending us to Chapel Hill, we were told there was nothing more they could do for him. They were not equipped and didnít have the adequate equipment to help Jax any further. They wanted me to test him for Cystic Fibrosis. I knew very little of this disease. Still in the hospital and knowing nothing more than what I knew when I brought him there an angel of an aunt asked if her Chiropractor could come and see Jax. At this point in my life, I thought chiropractic care and any alternative medicine including vitamins was frivolous but when your child is sick you will try to find a miracle in anything. On May 29th, I had Dr. Genther of New Hanover Chiropractic came to see Jax in the hospital and gave him an ďadjustmentĒ. He layed his hands on him and felt his body. At this point at the hospital Jax didnít move, didnít cry whey the picked and probed him with needles, he didnít even care if I held him. He just layed in the hospital bed as if any breathe was going to be his last. When Dr. Genther walked in he didnít introduce himself he said hello and walked straight over to Jax. I could see that he didnít like what he saw just by his facial expression. He picked Jaxís little fragile body up and touch and felt all over his body. What seemed like an hour was only about 8 minutes and Jax had been adjusted. No miracle happened, there wasnít fireworks when he left but I thanked him thinking that was probably the last time I would ever see him because what were the chances that ďadjustingĒ my child would work. That night Jaxís fever broke and we were discharged the next afternoon. They scheduled us to go to Chapel Hill Pediatric 5 day later. I was so amazed and so thankful to God, that someone had introduced me to this man. From that moment on I knew 3 things: 1.) my son was very sick and when they send you to Chapel Hill something serious is wrong. 2.) medicine was NOT working and 3.) whatever Dr. Genther did changed something in Jaxís body and caused his fever to go down. Before our appointment to Chapel Hill Dr. Genther adjusted him 2 more times and then we saw the pediatric pulmonary doctor at Chapel Hill. In just 5 days and 3 adjustment Jax was a completely different child. I know this seam hard to believe. He was still sick but he was more alert and his breathing was much better. At Chapel Hill the pediatrician pulmonary specialist changed our meds up, did an x-ray and told us he was asthmatic. Wow, all of that and this is what I go home with, asthmatic. Jax at this point not even one years old now has 2 inhaler for Pulmacort and Flovent. I was suppose to give him Flovent everyday as a preventative but he was already doing so much better that I never started him on it. Jax was currently on Axid, Prevacid, Zantac, Singulair, Pumacort, Albutoral and an antibiotic for all the mucous as well as nystatin for the yeast infection from all the medication. I was to get an appointment for a sweat test so he could be tested for Cystic Fibrosis. In addition we also learned that in Jaxís grandfatherís family, the genetic disease Alpha-1 has been diagnosed in 2 cases both too late and ended in death. When I heard of alpha-1 I immediately went to the internet. As I looked up this rare disease I was reading Jaxís life before my eyes. He had EVERY symptom of this deadly disease down to the allergies and skin irritations. At the computer, I feel to my knees and said, ďPlease Lord this is not what Jax has. Please heal him.Ē Jax has had a blood test done and the results were negative. Praise God. We went back to Chapel Hill for the Cystic Fibrosis test. This test didít require needles however I dreaded it. We had been through over 30+ x-rays being held down screaming along with barium swallows however, these only lasted a couple minutes. This test he was going to be made to be still for over 40 minutes and that didnít include any prep or switching of the arms. My mother and I prayed before we left Hampstead to go to Chapel Hill and we prayed on the way. When we arrived at check-in Jax feel asleep waiting. Jax sleep through the whole entire test. He was the first child they had ever administer the test on that sleep through the entire test. This was the Lord at workÖ.keep in mind, during the 40 minutes of the active test he has a positive and negative energy attached to him literally shocking him to sweat, hence whey they call it a sweat test. Praise God. Now for the resultsÖÖInconclusive. I looked at the Doctor and asked what does that mean? Well, it means his results wasnít normal but it wasnít ďhigh enoughĒ to prove evident that he had CF and we need to administer the test again!! As a mother, you can only imagine what I was thinking at this point. AGAIN, administer the test again! Are you crazy and I have put my child through hell for you to tell me I know nothing more than what I came here with. I thought this was freaking Chapel Hill, Home of Miracle Doctors. My dear friends, I assure you there is no doctor that can prescribe Godís medicine and perform Godís miracles. My son is an example of that. At this point, I was just gathering information from anywhere and everywhere and made the appointment for our next sweat test which was only 3 months away. I continued to take Jax to Dr. Genther and I asked questions till he gave me book after book to read. I still canít read enough. I learned about Jaxís symptoms and what causes them, not what medication do I need to cover up the symptom but what physically caused the symptoms. I just knew that the medicine wasnít doing anything for him. At one point for a week I took him to the pediatricians office and he had a Rocephin shot everyday for a week. There was something that he was he lacking in his body to cause this? I stayed up all hours of the night, digging, hunting, trying to find what was causing this. Please do not read this and think that I am anti-medicine or doctor. I believe doctors and medicine are God given blessing we just have to know when to use them. In Jaxís case I had been everywhere and nothing was working. I have never felt so hopeless in my life. While waiting for our next appointment to Chapel Hill, Dr. Genther made suggestions. He made them, I researched it, gathered all the information and then I made a decision. During that time period I continued Jax on his LIST of meds still convinced that they were helping. He was already off cowís milk and was on soy. We took Dr. Gentherís suggestion and changed to Rice Milk as well as started a GFCF diet. In just 1 month, I was shocked at the changes I was seeing. The point was I was seeing a change for the positive and any symptomatic change was something we hadnít seen in almost a year. His allergies were manageable, his behavior was changing, he was starting to socialize and he was breathing normal!! The rattling in the chest was lessening every day. In 3 months, with Dr. Gentherís supervision we had weaned Jax off all his medication to vitamins and herbal supplements. He was eating and sleeping normal. He started walking in September 2007. The mucous was down to a minimum and we had stopped throwing up every other day from mucous drowning lungs. However, the mucous didnít cease to exist donít let me mislead you. Now you would have just thought Jax had a cold. I prayed and we made a decision not to take Jax for the CF test. I felt as though we were seeing results and the path we were on was working. Even if he had or has CF I would not have taken ďno cureĒ for an answer and I would still be lead to the path that I was currently on. Jax continued and still to this day see Dr. Genther. Jax hasnít been on any medication in over a year. Praise God. He is a perfect, healthy little boy. We still have allergies and we still take daily supplements and herbs. We try and eat as organic and healthy as the average American family however, I would like to keep my right to choose organic foods over fast food. I want to choose whether alternative medicine or conventional medicine is right for our situation. In Jaxís case, he was from a family of genetic deficiencies that cause respiratory problems and conventional medication and methods hindered his symptoms. If it wasnít for this right and Godís grace my son would not be alive today. Alena M. Smith

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