Arm/Shoulder Pain Testimonial

Date Entered: 11-1-10

Doctor: (, )

Ann G - Lexington, SC

Hi, Iím Ann. After having the flu three times this year, I took some medication that left me with flu-like symptoms which were supposed to go away but never did. I had trouble moving both of my hips and my left shoulder, and could hardly raise my left arm. I was barely able to fix my hair. I went back to my medical doctor, but it seemed like nothing else could be done. I decided to come to see Dr. Bigbie, and within 2 sessions I was feeling so much better! I had motion in both of my hips with no pain, and I was able to raise my left arm. He and Dr. Jason have both done a wonderful job. All of the office staff has been so great and they make you feel so welcome. To come here and be able to feel better in such a short amount of time when I had been dealing with this pain for 3 months makes me feel so grateful to the doctors and the wonderful staff. They definitely have helped me!

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