Arm/Shoulder Pain Testimonial

Date Entered: 11-1-10

Doctor: (, )

Andy R - South Carolina

“Hi my name is Andy R. On Halloween morning I woke up and my neck, shoulder, and whole right arm were tingling and just hurt terribly. I went to a doctor and all they did was give me anti-inflammatory medication and sent me for physical therapy. After two weeks of not getting any relief from them, a friend referred me to Dr. Bigbie’s Chiropractic office. I came in here the day before Thanksgiving and Dr. Bigbie did and exam and took x-rays and after one adjustment the pain in my arm was less and my arm was just tingling a little bit. After two months I feel 100% better, my spine is in alignment and my arm no longer hurts! I would like to thank all the Doctors at Bigbie Chiropractic for all of their wonderful work.”

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