Arm/Shoulder Pain Testimonial

Date Entered: 1-24-11

Doctor: (, )

Evans K - Cayce, SC

Since coming to Bigbie Chiropractic, Iím being rejuvenated!

My name is Evans, and I came to Dr. Bigbieís office because I was having trouble sleeping due to the pain in my shoulder and my hip. Also, my wife told me I was getting an ďold man humpĒ in my back! I used to slouch and slump a lot at work, trying to take the weight off my aching shoulder or hip, and my coworkers said I looked like I was asleep when I was working up on the ladders because I had to stop and rest so often. But since coming here, I feel so much better, they have to remind me when it is break time and its time to come down! Iím in a position where Iím able to delegate a lot of work, but I always said I would never get old, and I enjoy still being able to do the work myself. The doctors here are really wonderful guys, and I didnít know that these old bones could still move, but its a fact that Iím now at about 70% and moving up. And since coming to Dr. Bigbieís office, Iím being rejuvenated! This is my true story!

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