Arm/Shoulder Pain Testimonial

Date Entered: 2-6-11

Doctor: Sebastian Castelli, DC (Jacksonville, FL)

“I have been under care with Dr. Castelli for almost three months. Since then I have experienced greater flexibility, and have been able to become more physically active, allowing me to burn more calories here at the gym. My arthritic hip pain, I’m glad to say, is now a thing of the past!”

-Ann H.

“I came to Dr. Castelli with a shoulder problem that just wouldn’t seem to go away. It began to keep me from enjoying my “Body Pump” classes, as well as interfering with common daily activities. I am now able to participate in my classes at 100%, and am continuing to feel the benefits of chiropractic care.”

-Susan G.

“I began care because of my hip and back pain. I was skeptical at first, and had bad experiences with chiropractors in the past, but I figured I’d give it one more try. I am very glad I did. I now feel well enough to get serious about my health and really start taking advantage of what’s offered here at the gym. Thank You!”

-Christie R.

“Before I had my sessions with Dr. Castelli my jaw was extremely stiff and sore. Everyday was miserable for me. Dr. Castelli’s first session with me was a simple meeting and pretty much me explaining my problem. He took a few x-rays that day and talked with me about my health goals. The next session he explained my x-rays to me and adjusted my neck, back and jaw. Everything felt better afterwards, but my jaw, after being adjusted was completely cured. There was no more pain or stiffness! Now everyday is so much more pleasant without that horrible pain in my jaw. I recommend a visit with Dr. Castelli!”

-Callie T.

“I first came to Dr. Castelli about six months ago with severe neck pain and stiffness, as well as, moderate lower back pain. His innovative treatments and adjustments, combined with the exercises he prescribed, have made a tremendous difference in my daily life. I noticed a significant reduction in my pain level in just a few weeks, and it’s gotten even better over the last several months. Today, I’m almost pain free and continue to visit Dr. Castelli every two weeks to stay that way. I would recommend him to an one with back or neck pain. Thank You Dr Castelli!”

- Carol B.

“When I initially started my treatments with Dr. C, I had a very difficult time turning my head to the right without having to turn my whole body. Since I have been seing him on a regular basis, I have more movement in my neck, due in part to his services and in addition to the exercises that he recommended. I also do not have the pain that radiated from my neck to my shoulders. I love Dr. C! He’s wonderful!!”

-Cindy L.

“After 12 office visits I feel great. An injury while playing tennis and later a car accident left me with constant pain in the neck. That was 20 years ago. I had all kinds of treatments; acupuncture, cortisone shots, physical therapy and massages. All those helped but now I have no pain and this dramatic improvement occurred after my 12 office visits with Dr. Castelli.

-Nellie K.

“I have always had lower back aches and tension in my neck and shoulders. I work at a computer desk twelve hours a day. Dr. Castelli has helped immensely I no longer have any aches and I feel as though my posture is better. While seeing Dr. Castelli I had also hurt my shoulder and he gave me some great exercises to do that also helped strengthen the area to avoid future injury.”

-Lauren N.

“Before seeing Dr. Castelli. I had chronic back pain from several car accidents. My back would start hurting midday at work and by the time I got home, my back hurt so badly I had no energy to do anything except lay on the couch. I have been seeing Dr. Castelli for two months now, and my back has improved dramatically. It began to feel better after just the first week of adjustments. Dr. Castelli makes it very convenient to see him because he is located in my fitness center and he has appointments available evenings and weekends. Not only that, but going to see him always assures I will work out that day! Thank you Dr. Castelli!!!”

-Meredith J.

I was having pain in my mid and lower back and noticing a lack of overall flexibility. Since seeing Dr. Castelli my back feels a million times better with minimal to no pain whatsoever and a lot more flexibility. I’m able to do more activities than I was limited to before the care. I would most definitely recommend Dr. Castelli to others. He is an amazing doctor and is very friendly and easy going. As a patient he makes you fell comfortable and care-free when in his office.

-Andre R.

Dear Dr. Castelli,

My husband and I were worried when our two-month-old son was not having bowel movements on a regular basis. At one point he did not have a bowel movement for five days. His pediatric doctor stated that it was normal for babies not to have regular bowel movements. However, he was very fussy and obviously in discomfort. That is when we brought him in for his first chiropractic appointment! Dr. Castelli was very gentle with our baby. He made an adjustment, and as soon as we took our son home (not even fifteen minutes later) he had his first bowel movement in days! He has been regular since.

My husband and I both use Dr. Castelli for our own chiropractic needs too. My husband began seeing Dr. Castelli first with shoulder aches. He used the kinesiotape method, such as Kerri Walsh used during the Olympics. His shoulder has greatly improved. I have had a history of frequent migraine headaches that last for days if I do not use special potent medicine. I began seeing him when I was six months pregnant, and immediately have noticed a significant decrease in the amount of migraine headaches that occur!

We highly recommend Dr. Castelli for your chiropractic needs.

Thank you,

Robin M.

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