Insomnia Testimonial

Date Entered: 11-16-11

Doctor: Natalie A. Lawrence, DC (Dacula, GA)

ELise Moore

1) Why did you come to our office, what was going on? That is physically (symptoms), at work (focus, productivity, loss of income), at home with relationships (were you grouchy, irritable?)

For years I have suffered from IBS, exhaustion and sleep disturbances (insomnia). It was to the point where I couldn't function normally at work or even at home. I was missing out on my children's childhood due to exhaustion and migraines. My hair was falling out and my brain hurt to think.

2) What did the problem prevent you from doing?

I was not able to play with my four and eight yr old children because of how intense my headaches were.

3) What did you do for the problem before you came to see us (go to M.D.,get drugs, use over the counter drugs?)

I went to four different doctors (general practioner, cadiologist, OBGYN, endocryndologist) before visiting Dr. Lawrence. I was using heavy medicines for my migraines and Ambien to sleep.

4) What happened to you after you started care? What ways did your life improve? (symptoms, life at work, home, relationships, etc)

It has been an amazing journey with Dr. Lawrence. In a few months, I have more energy, less IBS issues, fewer migraines, my hair loss has slowed down and I am falling asleep on my own without sleep aids. I am able to play with my children and spend more quality time with my family.

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