Lower Back Pain/Sciatica Testimonial

Date Entered: 1-17-12

Doctor: Ray Benedetto DC, DACNB (Bethlehem, PA)

“ I have been suffering with leg and back pain for the past 25 years. I began Chiropractic therapy back then and would have temporary relief. But due to my occupation, my leg pain continued. I started to see Dr. Ray about 1 ½ years ago and he, Dr. Alison and Laird the massage therapist, got my back in the most stable condition I have ever been in. When I was first introduced to the DRX9000, I wanted to start treatment ASAP. I started on a Tuesday and by Wednesday the pinching in my legs decreased and by 3 treatments I slept 4 hours straight without waking up. Before treatment on the DRX9000, I could only sleep 1 hour at a time. By my 6th treatment the severe pain and pinching in my back and leg was gone. I still get sore but the pain is gone. I am so thankful for Dr.’s Ray and Alison and Laird. I am excited for my future after treatment is over. I feel like I have a new back! Thanks”!

-Debbie Wyant
Easton, PA

“I started with back pain, which led to leg pain. It was extremely hurtful. I had a herniated disc pushing on my sciatic nerve!! (evidence through MRI) I tried everything but surgery; when I had heard about the DRX9000. Well, now after halfway through my treatments, I can live a good quality of life again! There are no words that can describe just how much better I feel. I thank Dr’s Ray and Alison and also Laird for recommending the DRX9000. It is a God send for me. Everyone in the office is very personal. You feel like a part of a wonderful family. I’m going to keep coming back for maintenance. THANK YOU”!

-- Janet Keshl
Allentown, PA

“ I was at my other chiropractor and I wasn’t very happy with him. He wanted me to have back surgery but I did not want it. I stopped seeing him and then saw Dr. Benedetto’s ad in the newspaper. I have been suffering from leg and back pain for the last four years and with lumbar spine and left hip pain. This pain causes me to lose sleep at night and my job also causes so much pain. I also haven’t been able to go bowling for the past four months because of my back pain. I started to see Dr. Ray in January and he, Dr. Alison and Laird, the massage therapist, began working on me. When the DRX9000 was explained to me, I wanted to start right away. At first I could hardly walk because of pain but the treatment has made it more comfortable to walk and I’m back bowling. I’m so glad that I saw that advertisement and made that appointment for my consultation. I received great care from Dr’s Ray and Alison and Laird. Even the ladies at bowling said I had turned into a different person after the treatment. I am very thankful for Dr’s Ray and Alison and Laird the massage therapist”.

“ After six years of pain and suffering and going from one chiropractor to another, without results, I gave up. One day, reading the newspaper I saw an ad about a treatment called Spinal Decompression. I answered it and it was the smartest move I could have made. After just one treatment on the DRX9000 machine, I not only got relief but my pain was gone. I couldn’t believe it. How well pleased I was. I steadily improved with the treatments that followed. The serious concern and interest that Dr. Ray and Dr. Alison Benedetto along with Laird have shown me, made me feel confident that they are caring people and that one can put their whole trust in them. I will always be grateful to them for the relief they have given me. They are the best!! Try them and you will see what I mean.”

-- Jennie Gallina
Coopersburg, PA

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