Lower Back Pain/Sciatica Testimonial

Date Entered: 2-7-12

Doctor: (, )

I was in severe pain in my back. I had played golf in cold windy weather and could only crawl slowly out of bed. I had been to chiropractors before, but with no success. Dr. Amy diagnosed me and treated my right hip being extremely out line with my left hip. In a short period of time, her treatment had eliminated not only the pain, but my habitual stiffness also was gone. Amazing!

There are many things I liked about her technique. First, I liked the way she explained what was wrong, and how she determined it. She also explained the treatment, and the exercises I could do at home that would help my recovery and once not in pain, maintain my excellent condition. I was, at the time, a tournament golfer and would have been unable to play without her. She is thorough, talented, and explains what is happening. I have the utmost confidence that I am getting the best possible chiropractic care for my back. She even solved several other problems, including soreness/stiffness in my shoulder, fingers, and my knee. She is just short of being a genius. For me, no one else can come close in her ability to diagnose and treat my soreness, stiffness, and pain related to my back and other parts of my body.

I have and will recommend Dr. Amy to anyone who will listen. She is the best!

~Roger C.

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