Migraine Headache Testimonial

Date Entered: 6-25-07

Doctor: (, )

Migraine Headaches Now a Distant Memory

My son Austin suffered from migraine headaches every day. Two or three times a week they would be so bad that he would throw up. He had been to an allergy MD and did shots, but they didnít work.

A friend recommended Dr. Johnson. When Dr. Johnson examined Austin, he found more than just the allergies that Austin had been treated for. Austin started NAET treatments and soon we began to notice a difference. Austinís headaches subsided until now when he rarely has any. Austin says that he canít remember when he had his last headache.

Austin also started receiving chiropractic care for some leg pain. Dr. Johnson said that Austin had a compressed vertebra that was causing the low back pain and the leg pain. The adjustments have really helped that too.

Thanks, Dr. Johnson, for all your help.

Laura LaBroski, Almont, MI

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