Spinal Decompression Testimonial

Date Entered: 2-12-13

Doctor: (, )

David - Chapin, SC

Hi, Iím David, and I came to Bigbie Chiropractic several weeks ago with pain in my lower back. I was taking pain medicine, I was not able to stand even for a short time, and I had trouble walking and getting up. But after three weeks of coming here I can already see a lot of improvement and my mobility is a lot better. Iím taking NO pain medicine! Getting up and down, and getting out of bed is a lot easier, AND I donít have any trouble riding in my truck! I am walking much better and I can feel a lot of improvement. I still have a ways to go yet, but Iíve seen a tremendous amount of improvement in a short time and I appreciate everything the doctors here are doing for me!

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