Migraine Headache Testimonial

Date Entered: 7-18-07

Doctor: (, )

In the past I'd get headaches most days of the week and get

1-2 migraines per month. These headaches would make it hard

to live the way I wanted to.

The worst was getting a headache at work because I work at

a preschool and working with the kids and dealing with a

migraine was horrible

Now, I rarely get headaches and I haven't had a migraine in

4 months.

I feel great and I know the kids I work with are getting

the care and attention they deserve.

My shoulders rarely ever get locked up anymore. I'm sleeping better

and feel better and healthier overall.

I've also noticed that when I get sick, I get over it a lot faster now.

Patrice Dean - Vineyard, UT

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