Chronic Pain/IBS Testimonial

Date Entered: 11-13-13

Doctor: Ryan McGaughey, DC (Atascadero, CA)

My chiropractic care began in order to assist in the care and treatment of degenerative disc disease. Upon seeing my x-rays, my heart sank. I felt defeated and hopeless. I had sore and very achy muscles, bones and joints, was exhausted halfway through the day, and had unclear thinking due to so much pain. Improvement began within days of beginning a “recovery program” and, after just one treatment with a laser on my painful hip, the pain was gone. My mental attitude is reacting positively to my healing process, giving me hope…for a life full of activity and friends. Receiving procedures to help my severe degenerative disc disease has proved most beneficial. I know I am in the best care possible and am recovering continuously! I’m in the right place!! Thank God for Dr. McGaughey and his ever increasing ability to repair and comfort. I remain SO grateful for the care and healing I receive and will always be thankful! Donna W.

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