Spinal Decompression Testimonial

Date Entered: 12-20-13

Doctor: (, )

Im able to walk again!

Hi, Im JB and I was going to an orthopedic doctor, unsuccessfully, for a year and a half before my daughter found Bigbie chiropractic. I had severe low back pain on the right. I was getting nowhere going to the orthopedic doctor, after 6 rounds of injections, only one of them worked. I started out here this November on the DRX program, and have had a tremendous improvement. Im able to walk again, I can spend time with my grand-kids, and I actually have spent time out in the woods hunting; which I love and am very passionate about. I have just experienced just a huge, huge improvement overall. Id like to thank the staff, Dr. Bigbie and everyone down here. They are a super great group of people, theyre nice and friendly and absolutely wonderful. Enjoy and thank you!

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