Vertigo (Dizziness) Testimonial

Date Entered: 5-28-14

Doctor: (, )

Hi, Iím Guy. I started coming to Bigbie Chiropractic for several reasons. I had loud ringing in both ears all the time, vertigo when I moved my head, and constant sinus problems. I also had leg and knee pain, high blood pressure, and GERD. These problems prevented me from sleeping well; I was moody and unable to talk to people because I could not hear what they were saying. I tried sleeping with a white noise machine to eliminate the noise, and took medications for everything else. After starting chiropractic care, the tinnitus is manageable, I have no more sinus headaches, my GERD has improved, and Iím coming off my blood pressure medication! My mood has improved, I sleep better, and I am so happy I listened to my wife and started treatment at Bigbie Chiropractic! Thank you to the doctors and staff at Bigbie Chiropractic for all you have done!

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