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Date Entered: 7-15-14

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Iritis, Mood swings and irritability, stuttering

If only I’d followed Dr. Puckette’s advice sooner, I would have been off steroids and in good health years ago! About two years ago I finally did so and now I feel great.About twenty-five years ago, I was diagnosed with iritis (anterior uveitis – inflammation of the iris, usually related to autoimmune disorders). I was put on steroids in order to maintain my eyesight. Of course, over twenty-some years, the steroids caused cataracts, glaucoma, and (lots of) mood swings. During that time, one rare opthalmologist pointed out that, indeed, steroids were all the MDs had to offer and, if he were me, he would start exploring alternative medicine. So I did. Several years ago, I moved to Madison and found Dr. Puckette. I was happy because, just with chiropractic adjustments, he helped me simply keep the iritis under control, alongside the steroids. At some point he started suggesting that I should stop eating dairy and gluten, so I cut down on them occasionally, but never took his advice truly seriously. After all, these were hard choices, and where was the scientific proof? For the next few years, my iritis pretty much stayed the same.
Then an MD, an allergist, showed me some opthalmological studies (published in the last year or two) that documented a connection between dairy intake and iritis flare-ups. Finally, I cut out dairy altogether. Almost immediately, the iritis cleared up! I’ve been off dairy, off steroids, and iritis-free ever since (more than two years). If only I had taken Dr. Puckette’s advice seriously before!

The same goes for gluten. Once again, I had only half-heartedly followed Dr. Puckette’s advice. But the allergist insisted that gluten was tied to my mood swings and irritability. So I finally gave up gluten – much to my family’s delight (since I’m much nicer to be around now).
Needless to say, I now pay attention to Dr. Puckette’s suggestions. His methodology may not be backed up by double-blind scientific studies, but it works. Indeed, it works so much that, when my son started having stuttering problems, I brought him in and asked for help.
Again, Dr. Puckette found an answer. Food allergies: eggs, dairy, and gluten. This time, I followed his suggestion and took my son off these foods. The stuttering stopped. We took my son to the allergist, who confirmed those three allergies. We added eggs back in. The stuttering started again. We took him off eggs; it stopped. My son has now outgrown most of the allergies and stopped stuttering. Whew!

I can’t express enough my appreciation for Dr. Puckette’s care and advice. He was the first to pinpoint the causes of my worst health problems and those of my son. He continues to provide adjustments that help our allergies, reduce eye strain, give us more energy, reduce emotional stress – the list goes on and on. (Who knows why it works, but it does.) He has made a huge difference in my life. Now, if only I’d listened to him earlier . . . (Sarah C.)

Irritable bowel and 60 lb weight loss

I have had diarrhea all my life. About a year or so ago my health started taking a turn for the worse. I was on round after round of antibiotics, if not for one thing it was for another. I had tried to go to conventional docs but nothing seemed to help. I had seen Gastros for years trying to figure out what was wrong and my family practice doc really only knew how to treat the symptoms. I wanted to get better, to get healthy. I started looking into what was around in our area. Having a child with severe autism, I was aware of non conventional docs but not for what I was looking for.
Then I found Dr. Steve Puckette. I went to one of his free lectures about thyroid issues, which is another issue I have, and started working with him on nutrition and healing myself starting with one of the most important organs, my gut. He was able to tell me what I was eating that was not good for me and I started on a very strict diet, eliminating things my body was reacting to and adding supplements to improve my immune system. I cannot believe the results! I have not been on antibiotics in that year and my poop has formed to a normal shape. I’ve lost 60lbs and am feeling more energetic, alive and healthy for the first time in my life.

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