Nutritional/Metabolic Testimonial

Date Entered: 9-15-14

Doctor: Ryan McGaughey, DC (Atascadero, CA)

I heard about Dr. McGaughey's office from a friend. She isn't even a patient, but she thought I would like the natural approach of the doctors.

I called Dr. McGaughey's office because my throat was burning. I had been having these symptoms for about 6 weeks. It seemed like acid re-flux, but over the counter antacids were not helping at all. It got to the point where the burning was distracting me from my work. The feeling in my throat made me feel off and not like myself.

Dr. McGaughey put me on the Phase II food plan which includes lots of fruits and vegetables and has a specific recommendation for my protein consumption based on my weight. Plus he recommended a few supplements. He also suggested that I avoid sugar, gluten, corn, dairy and soy. I started eating more locally grown foods, fruits and vegetables from the farmers markets and eggs from neighbors. My symptoms decreased over the next few weeks and were totally gone after a month. My stomach got flatter without any change in exercise. My mood swings leveled out. I was less emotional, meaning I didn't have sad or depressed moods. I became more focused at work, taking care of one task at a time, instead of trying to do three things at once.

Everyone at Dr. McGaughey's office is very nice. I really appreciate that I can have an appointment at 5:30 pm and I don't have to miss work to see the doctor.

Thank you so much for helping to improve my health in a very natural way!

Julie R.

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