Thyroid Conditions Testimonial

Date Entered: 1-10-17

Doctor: Michael Taggart, D.C. (Kirkland, WA)

January 10, 2017

I started working with Dr. Taggart in July 2016 after researching practitioners who had had results in treating Hashimotos and other chronic conditions. I started his program after having little to no relief with traditional health care approaches (i.e., low dose thyroid medication). In addition to Hashimotos I also had fatigue, balance issues, food allergies/reactions and gallbladder pain after meals. I was very impressed with the initial work-up and the panel of tests (neurological and chemical) Dr. Taggart uses to help diagnose and guide his treatments. He also relies on the innate intelligence of the body itself to provide feedback on needed treatment via the technology of kinesiology. Very shortly after I started working with Dr. Taggart my gallbladder pain went away completely and I've not had another thyroid flare-up involving pain/swelling. Although I am still a work in progress as far as energy levels go, there has been improvement -- with balance too. When I overloaded on trigger foods over the holidays, there was also less reactivity to them. My work with Dr. Taggart is a partnership - I continue to have to do my part: eating better, exercising, doing the practices/exercises he recommends, and taking remedies as prescribed each day. I look forward to seeing where I'll be in another 3-6 months --Thanks Dr. Taggart!

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