Chronic Conditions Testimonial

Date Entered: 2-15-17

Doctor: Dr. Susan E. Kelenyi, DC, BCIM (Glen Ellyn, IL)

"I would like to extend to you my appreciation for the care you have given me over the past number of years. I originally came to you when I was in my late forties with what was popularly called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Through your skill in kinesiology techniques, my system returned to normal and since then, as various other symptoms emerged, you have been able to either reduce their effects or eliminate them.

Several years ago you suggested that I be checked for prostrate cancer, as there was an indication of a problem in that region. As nothing had showed up during my annual physical with my medical doctor, I requested that he perform some additional tests. After a biopsy, the cancer became evident. I was treated with radiation at the hospital for several months and simultaneously treated by you with your natural healthcare protocols. As a result, the cancer has been totally eradicated with virtually no side effects. I still get checked each year and my PSA reading has stayed well below normal.

Since that time and as more and more information has been published regarding inflammation, the immune system, free radicals and a whole host of other findings in health and longevity, I know I will benefit from your continuing study of these topics as you have always been on the leading edge of advanced natural healthcare."

William P. (Naperville, IL)

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