Digestive Issues Testimonial

Date Entered: 2-15-17

Doctor: Dr. Susan E. Kelenyi, DC, BCIM (Glen Ellyn, IL)

"I wanted to thank you for your help with my son Jason. I would never had known that you would be able to help my son with his acid reflux, pain while swallowing and the odor in his breath. I didn't realize that all of these problems are related to one another until you had examined him and found that he had a weakness in his diaphragm and to little acid in his stomach.

I find it fascinating that simple exercises to strengthen his diaphragm and taking a zinc supplement would help fix these problems. Before taking my son to see you I was under the impression that my son had too much acid in his stomach and would be dependent on medication to help lower the acid levels. Thank you so much for helping my son, we really learned a lot about health and how sophisticated the human body really is."

Stephanie C. (Wheaton, IL)

Doctor's Note: The signs and symptoms of too little and too much acid in the stomach are almost the same. Most people suffer from too little acid in the stomach rather than excess acid.

In this case this young man was suffering from pain upon swallowing
due to a weakness in his diaphragm. The weakness was associated
with low acidity levels in the stomach due to a low level of zinc in his

The biggest clue that it was a deficiency in zinc was the sign of
halitosis or bad breath. In order for the stomach to produce the
hydrochloric acid it needs for digestion it needs to have zinc present
as a necessary enzyme.

The body's low acid level then causes a weakness to occur in the diaphragm which allows what acid is in the stomach to reflux its way up the esophagus.

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