Disc Injury/Spine Pain/Sciatica Testimonial

Date Entered: 4-25-18

Doctor: T.K. Gossett, DC (Champaign, IL)

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Meet Don C. of Paxton, IL.

Approximately five years ago after being diagnosed with a pinched nerve involving the L4/L5 region of his back, Don entered a pain management program and underwent a series of spinal injections over several years and took pain pills which helped for a while. But after the 13th injection, it no longer helped him and he was still experiencing pain.

Don was then referred to our office by family members who had been patients to see if Dr. Gossett could offer help. Don wanted to make surgery his last resort. While he was a skeptical, he was willing to find out more, because "anything is better than surgery".

When Don came to our office he was unable to do basic daily activities or walk any distance because of the severe pain.

Over the course of treatment, Don saw incremental improvement in his pain. And now, Don feels back to his normal everyday functioning. He can walk without pain and even "wheelbarrow in his wood". Don also dramatically reduced his use of pain medications.

Don's wife, Carolyn has noticed that Don is back to his everyday functions. And together they are getting back to the camping and traveling they love to do. They are making plans for next summer to doing more of what they love, pain free.

Don would highly recommend anyone with back pain come see us.

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Thank you Don and Carolyn for trusting us with your care. We have loved having you as a patient.

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