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Date Entered: 4-25-18

Doctor: T.K. Gossett, DC (Champaign, IL)

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Meet Kaylynn A. of Champaign, IL.

Kaylynn has been suffering from plantar fasciitis, for 2 years. She has tried at home treatment, and physical therapy without any long-term relief. Kaylynn was also wearing orthodics and they were not helping provide her any relief.

When Kaylynn visited Dr. Gossett he found that Kaylynn had some misalignments in her feet. Once Dr. Gossett corrected the misalignments and found new orthotics she immediately found some relief. The day after her first treatment, Kaylyn's immediate relief felt like a miracle.

After treatments, Kaylynn feels like she is back to herself again.

Becuase Dr. Gossett was able to treat the root of the problem, Dr Gossett was able to provide permanent relief. Kaylynn was able to get her lifestyle back and run again without feeling pain afterward.

If you have been suffering from plantar fasciitis or other foot problems, relief is available through chiropractic care.

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