Lower Back Pain/Sciatica Testimonial

Date Entered: 6-24-08

Doctor: (, )

When I first came to Dr McArthur my back & neck

pain was a bit overwhelming at times and now I

have felt so much better.

The service here has been outstanding. Since

beginning my care I've been happier, more relaxed

and I feel a lot better. I'm also able to function

without pain. My care has been life changing.

Dr McArthur's office is unique in that cases are

treated differently and everyone is treated

specifically for their problems.

The treatments have helped me to understand the

problems that I had and how they can be corrected.

Since seeing Dr McArthur, everything has been addressed

and taken care of. I even come in with questions

that may not have to do with back pain and they are

addressed and fixed.

- Stefani Severson Provo, UT

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