Lower Back Pain/Sciatica Testimonial

Date Entered: 6-30-08

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Surgery Didn’t Work,

Pills Didn’t Work…

The DRX 9000 Did!

I had a lower back operation three years ago to remove some arthritis around two vertebrae that had left me with a herniated disc. The operation did not relieve any of my pain. In fact, I was taking three pain pills a day just to keep my pain under control.

I was considering more surgery, but ended up going to a pain management doctor. He gave me several injections in my back, which should have relieved the pain. Unfortunately, the injections did not help.

Despite living over an hour away, I decided to try Falite Chiropractic. Drs. Michael and Dawn suggested that I receive treatments on the DRX 9000 machine to help relieve my pain. To date, I have had 20 treatments and the results are very good! After about 10 treatments, the pain in my back was much less, and I reduced my pain pills to once a day. After 20 treatments, I no longer need my pills...only once in a while. I do believe that the DRX 9000 and Drs. Michael & Dawn Falite have helped me enjoy life more fully! Thanks!

Robert Rider

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