Lower Back Pain/Sciatica Testimonial

Date Entered: 6-30-08

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As a result of an accident in my home, I had a herniated disc and a bulging disk in my lower back. For several weeks I was in extreme pain. After the more severe pain of the initial injury wore off, I still had lower back pain and a severe case of sciatica on my left side. Though I could now get around and care for myself, I still suffered from debilitating pain. There was no comfortable position and I was having problems sleeping. I couldnít work or do any normal activities.

My main treatment was physical therapy, but it did nothing to help. I was taking pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs for the constant pain. I stopped going to PT after two months because it wasnít helping.

My back has improved dramatically since I began care at Dr. Faliteís. I believe using the DRX 9000 was a big factor in my improvement. I felt a difference within two weeks of starting the DRX 9000, where I felt no difference in two months of physical therapy. I used the DRX 9000 for approximately four months and I feel about as close to normal as I think I can get. I have all my motions back and donít feel any back pain. The only pain I have now is an occasional tightness or dull sciatica.

I would recommend Falite Family Chiropractic to anyone that has body pain, not just back pain. Dr. Michael and Dr. Dawn have helped me balance all aspects of my body. In addition to the excellent care, they are so nice and genuinely care about me and my family. I consider them friends as much as I consider them doctors.

Chadd Rogers

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