Migraine Headache Testimonial

Date Entered: 7-30-08

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I suffered with Migraine Headaches for 25 years, sometimes 5 days in a row. Along with the headaches I had dizziness for many years consistently that caused me to bump into things at night.

Dr. Long explained to me how treating me neurologically might help me with these conditions. It made sense to me and I would do anything to feel better, so I began his program. I noticed improvements almost immediately but now that I am one month into his program I have noticed the following improvements

Sleeping improved

I have not been dizzy in the last few weeks and not bumping into things at night now

I very rarely get my migraines

Increase in overall energy

The shoulder pain I was suffering with is improving as well and I have been off celebrex for 5 days now and not in excruciating pain.

I am very encouraged that my health and life can get to where it should be.

Susan Smith Howell, MI.

Dr. Long offers complimentary consultations for balance disorder sufferers to see if they qualify for his highly sought after brain based therapy program. Brain Based Therapy is a revolutionary breakthrough that is changing lives. They are neurologically-based treatments, clinically proven, even with the most stubborn & persistent balance disorder cases, without using dangerous drugs or surgery. To schedule a consultation call (810)227-1113. To request a free information packet about Brain Based Therapy treatment for balance disorders go to www.askdrlong.net or call his office and we will get a packet right out to you.

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