Lower Back Pain/Sciatica Testimonial

Date Entered: 12-23-08

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Do you have Chronic Back Pain?

Read the story of this Fairview man.

"As a health professional, I learned that many chronic ailments have an underlying cause that medications cannot reach. Medications may even mask the cause and many have side effects that irritate further. My personal saga attests to that. At age 39, while hiking in the mountains, I foolishly jumped down into a waterfall. My feet sank into a gravel bed, my ankles locked. my knees, back, and neck went, “UH OH!!”. After months of chiropractic care and then knee surgery, I was almost normal again.
Years later, I retired with plans to remodel houses, though I was beginning to feel the effects of osteo-arthritis, which runs in my family. I developed Charlie-horse-type cramps in my hip and thigh muscles that would drive me to the ground and last for hours. I had horribly painful physical therapy, took the painkillers prescribed by my family doctor, and went to Duke University for a neurological consult. I was told that I had irreversible spinal degeneration and would need immediate surgery on my back and neck. Spinal and orthopedic surgeons concurred.
Fortunately, a friend referred me to Dr. Reilly for another opinion. Dr. Reilly gave me the most thorough examination I’d ever had and concluded that he could help me - if I would do all that he told me to do. So I did. Very quickly, I began to see improvement. After a few months, my cramps went away completely. Today, I can walk and drive as comfortably as ever. Years of medication for pain had caused stomach ulcers, so Dr. Reilly recommended alternative meds to reduce the inflammation, and even a digestive enzyme to help heal my stomach. Dr. Reilly’s decompression traction treatments, along with massage, continue my rehabilitation.

Thanks, Dr. Reilly!"

-Joe Langley

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