Stroke Recovery Testimonial

Date Entered: 1-3-09

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Sue Dearborn

I came to Dr Tripp one year ago. I was having trouble throughout my entire body. I could not do housework. I could not go grocery shopping by myself. I had to have someone do errands, housework, shopping. I do all of these things on my own now that I have been coming to Dr Tripp.
Heart Trouble
I had a heart attack a little over a year ago. I slept all the time. I was asleep more than I was awake.
I would have shortness of breath and pain going up and down steps. Now I can breath easier. I was unable to walk much at all because of my breathing trouble. I can walk further now than I have in years. I remember the day I decided to walk from Dr Trippís office over to Walmart. My family thought I had lost it. They didnít think I would make it. But I did just fine and I have improved greatly since. I can sweep my floors with no problem now. No way I could do it before. My heart does not flutter and pound in my chest like it used to.
Indigestion & Hernias
I had really bad indigestion problems. The indigestion problems are I also had 2 hernias. They would pinch, bind and twist and my diaphragm was blocked. This has not bothered now for some time since going to Dr Tripp.
Stroke & Memory
I had a stroke last year and had tremendous trouble with my memory. Now my memory is improved.
Neck, Back and Legs
I have had neck pain over 10 years. My neck was weak and would not support my head. I couldnít stand for very long then I had to sit down.
My back was in constant pain. My legs hurt and my feet would swell. I am doing so much better with this now.
My big toes was burned badly. My toes wouldnít bend. I had no feeling. Now they are bending and I have feeling in the toes again.
Emotional Healing
Dr Tripp has worked with me in my emotional healing as well. I am so much more positive. I did not have a will to live. I didnít think I could live. Now I know I can get better. I have come so far.
Pains from Scars
The incisions hurt bad. They would pull and I would have pain in other parts of my body as well. Dr Tripp uses a laser technology and my scars donít hurt anymore. They are not as red and angry looking. They were puffy and raised. Now they are disappearing some.
Weight Loss
Dr Tripp has been working with me on my diet, nutritional supplement and exercise and I have dropped 50 pounds. Thank You, Thank You Thank You.
Overall Improvement
I have improve muscle control and balance (equilibrium). My energy level is tremendous. I feel so much better. I am on the go from 6 am to midnight now, with an occasional nap. I am nothing like before Ė sleeping all day and night. I run circles around my daughter in law. I swim, exercise, clean up, run errands, go shopping etc. I have my life back. Thank you so much for all you do.

Sue Dearborn

Ps. I am very sad that I am moving out of state and will not be able to see Dr Tripp anymore. But without him I would not have been able to make the move. Now I am packing, lifting and in general being a part of the moving process. WOW!

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