Lower Back Pain/Sciatica Testimonial

Date Entered: 7-21-09

Doctor: Natalie A. Lawrence, DC (Dacula, GA)


Dr. Lawrence: Why did you come to our office?

Jay: I hurt my back bad lifting stuff at work to the point in which I could not move. I was not able to get dressed, drive to work, sit, stand, lay down. There was no comfort no matter what I did, I could do nothing at all!

Dr. Lawrence: What did the problem prevent you from doing?

Jay: I could not sleep well, stand for long, sit for long, bend over at all, put on my shoes, could not work and driving was real hard to do. I was useless and helpless at this point.

Dr. Lawrence: What did you do for the problem before you came to see us?

Jay: I did not do anything else.

Dr. Lawrence: What happened to you after you started chiropractic care?

Jay: my first visit I could bend and touch my toes again and after a few more visit I felt brand new again. Now I sleep like a baby and feel like a kid again and my all over health is so much better! Words do not do Dr. Lawrence justice at all - She has been God sent.

Dr. Lawrence: May we use your testimonial in our newsletters, advertisement and in our reception area?

Jay: Yes

Jay Gibson
Auburn, GA

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