Lower Back Pain/Sciatica Testimonial

Date Entered: 8-16-09

Doctor: (, )

Blood Pressure Problems, Back Pain

I was injured several years ago in a sledding accident and broke my back. In the hospital, they would try to get me up into a wheelchair, but my blood pressure would drop and I would lose consciousness. My mom is a patient of Dr. Montgomery’s and she explained the situation to him. He told her that the blood pressure problem could be caused by the nerves in my upper neck that control blood pressure.

Dr. Montgomery visited me in the hospital and adjusted me. The next day, I was able to get up in my wheelchair without passing out. Dr. Montgomery continued to visit me in the hospital and helped me tremendously. I have had a great deal of back pain due to the rods in my back and adjustments have helped with that as well. There is less tension in my back when I’m adjusted. I love you! LOL & my back loves you! - Jodi L.

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