Arm/Shoulder Pain Testimonials

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12-17-13Janine Johnson DC...YView Testimonial
11-13-13Ryan McGaughey, DCCAI found about Chiropractic care when Dr. McGaughey came to our workplace for a speaking engagement....NView Testimonial
5-16-13David K. Naylor DC, Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM)NCDr. Naylor has helped me with my neck and arm pain and numbness and improved my balance so that I...YView Testimonial
3-1-13Michael A. Winters, DCKYJosh Moore tells how severe arm pain and hand numbness quickly resolved after being adjusted by Dr....YView Testimonial
3-1-13Michael A. Winters, DCKYKelley Ray shares her testimonial about her recovery from severe arm pain at Winters Wellness...YView Testimonial
6-16-12Walter Crooks DC, CCCN, DM(P)TXDarlene had been to several other doctors for her injuries with no results. She had terrible...YView Testimonial
5-9-12Jane - Gilbert, SC I feel great after my adjustments! Hi, Iím Jane, and I should have come to...NView Testimonial
4-11-12Trudi - Gilbert, SC The Cold Laser helped repair my torn shoulder! Iím Trudi, and 10 days ago...NView Testimonial
2-28-12...YView Testimonial
2-9-12Natalie A. Lawrence, DCGARuby Foy Extreme light sensitivity, insomnia, shoulder and hip pain, All greatly improved in...YView Testimonial