Arm/Shoulder Pain Testimonials

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8-19-10Dr. Ali Mazandarani D.C., C.C.R.D., 201-848-8000. MedWell, LLC is a premier facility for Non-Surgical Drug-Free...YView Testimonial
6-23-10...YView Testimonial
6-16-10Edward Yanulavich, D.C.PADr Ed Yanulavich, Scranton Pa. shares amazing results that saved a patient fronm neck surgery using...YView Testimonial
6-11-10Marilynís Success Story Before Treatment: I came in around the end of January with a stiff neck...NView Testimonial
5-17-10Natalie A. Lawrence, DCGAMoe suffered with excruciating neck and arm pain, but is now pain free after BBT and spinal...YView Testimonial
5-16-10"I love the treatments here. Since starting care, I can move my arms and shoulder now without...YView Testimonial
5-9-10Dr. Corey King, D.C.CAMr. Seyler sought my help after suffering excrutiating neck, shoulder, and arm pain. After...YView Testimonial
3-10-10Natalie A. Lawrence, DCGAMr Mack talks about the successful treatment of his debilitating arm pain using our chattanooga DTS...YView Testimonial
2-5-10Jeff...YView Testimonial
2-5-10Rodney...YView Testimonial