Arm/Shoulder Pain Testimonials

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6-25-09For years I had severe stress and constant pain in my neck. I had pain and numbness in both hands...NView Testimonial
6-23-09I was a patient of the Valentineís 16 years ago, but had moved out of the area. In our search for...NView Testimonial
6-23-09A year ago my left arm started going numb and it got so bad it started waking me up two to three...NView Testimonial
5-20-09Troy Stuckey D.C.MNI hope all is well with you and your staff. I want to let you know how much I appreciate the...NView Testimonial
3-3-09Dr. Russ Schroder, D.C., DACNB - Chiropractic NeurologistOHI had severe pain from a bulging disc in my neck and radiating pain into my arm. I was taking...NView Testimonial
1-3-09Allyssa Dearborn I had severe migraines, shoulder problems since age 18 that they told me I...NView Testimonial
1-3-09Major Complaint: Pain in my shoulders, pain in my neck and pain that ran down m y arms leaving my...NView Testimonial
1-3-09Major Complaint: Clavicle didnít connect properly. Chiropractic Results: WOW 50% improvement...NView Testimonial
12-19-08Dizziness, Pain, Decreased Sleep Date Entered: 12/18/08 Doctor: Dr. Ryan T. Long (Brighton,...NView Testimonial
10-10-08I had neck and shoulder problems with my hands going numb. What Dr. Lind does is amazing! I was...NView Testimonial