Arm/Shoulder Pain Testimonials

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I suffered with a number of health complaints, the most severe were daily headaches and...
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Before I began care at Falite Chiropractic, I had daily migraines. My medical doctor just...
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9-12-07I feel like I've made progress as for the discomfort
in my hip.

I have fewer...
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9-12-07Prior to chiropractic help I had
constant back and neck pain and
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9-12-07When I first started coming to Dr McArthur,
I had really tense shoulders, sore lower...
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9-12-07I had a problem with my neck and lower back.
Every night my arm would fall asleep.
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7-23-07When I first come to Dr McArthur's office I had really bad numbness
in my hand. It kept me...
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7-3-07Igal Dubov, DCNJThe DRX9000 has been a very good experience for me. After the first week there was a difference,...NView Testimonial
6-25-07Michael Zaverzence is a World War II veteran whose B-24 plane crashed. Four men died in the crash...NView Testimonial
6-6-07I was very leery of going to a chiropractor, but thought I would try this first before seeing a...NView Testimonial