Digestive Issues Testimonials

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3-18-14Jay Bertsch DCMNHailey had bowel problems since she was 2 weeks old. Doctors suggested colostomy, but her mother...YView Testimonial
3-18-14Jay Bertsch DCMNShelley was very sick with back pain and digestive concerns that wouldn't go away. She sought care...YView Testimonial
3-18-14Keith P. Lynch, D.C.VA"I had been dealing with a stomach/digestive issue for a couple of months. The stomach pain caused...NView Testimonial
3-5-14http://www.DrAdamHughes.com...YView Testimonial
12-26-13Michael Taggart, D.C.WAIrritable bowel,focus problems,fatigue, neck and ankle pain...YView Testimonial
12-17-13Janine Johnson DCI have never written a testimonial before but I cannot go without complimenting Dr. Janine Johnson...NView Testimonial
11-7-13Natalie A. Lawrence, DCGADigestive issues relieved!...YView Testimonial
11-7-13Natalie A. Lawrence, DCGATammy's digestive difficulties relieved in about 2 weeks!...YView Testimonial
7-7-13Michael A. Winters, DCKYBrenda describes her recovery from chronic diarrhea in 3 months of nutritional/metabolic at Winters...YView Testimonial
5-14-13"Nausea 90% Better" Other than 2 recent episodes, Erin's Nausea is completely gone. She was...YView Testimonial