General Wellness Testimonials

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9-7-18Michael Taggart, D.C.WABruce improved his low energy condition, his son Bradley's severe Asthma greatly improved and...YView Testimonial
6-15-18Michael Taggart, D.C.WAResolution of unexplained seizures. College baseball player found our office after medication was...YView Testimonial
2-6-17Natalie A. Lawrence, DCGAWatch this video as Jill shares her experience with our health recovery program where she lost 30...YView Testimonial
2-6-17Natalie A. Lawrence, DCGAListen to this great patient testimonial about their experience at Integrative Healthcare of...YView Testimonial
7-15-14...YView Testimonial
7-15-14...YView Testimonial
5-29-14Hi, Iím Sharon. I started coming to Bigbie Chiropractic because my father, who is also a patient,...NView Testimonial
5-15-14Hi, Iím Diana, and I came to Bigbie Chiropractic because I suffered from excruciating foot pain for...NView Testimonial
2-13-14Robert Gilliland, BS, DC, BICM, D.PScFLNelda's testimonial for Dr Gilliland's 90-day program....YView Testimonial
1-22-14...YView Testimonial