General Wellness Testimonials

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12-20-13My Blood Pressure is under control now without drugs! Hi, Iím Joel and I started coming to Dr....NView Testimonial
12-18-13Dr. John Thomas GiudiceCTI have made a commitment to an even healthier lifestyle and I have never felt so great. The...NView Testimonial
12-18-13Dr. John Thomas GiudiceCTHealthy Aging Dr. Giudice transformed my physical and energetic condition by a combination of...NView Testimonial
4-12-13Blake Crofts DCWA...YView Testimonial
4-10-13Carmen - Lexington, SC Now I Donít Need Surgery! Hi, Iím Carmen, and I came to Bigbie...NView Testimonial
3-1-13Michael A. Winters, DCKYTestimonial from Massage Therapist - Jennifer Johnson Hunt...YView Testimonial
3-1-13Michael A. Winters, DCKYTestimonial for Dr. Winters at Winters Wellness Center in Paducah, KY. Hear Hans Bos express his...YView Testimonial
3-1-13Michael A. Winters, DCKYJennifer Johnson Hunt shares why she sees Dr. Michael Winters at Winters Wellness Center for her...YView Testimonial
2-21-13Michael Taggart, D.C.WAPatient recovers from Rheumatoid Arthritis and low energy...YView Testimonial
3-19-12Michael Taggart, D.C.WAIrritable Bowel Syndrome My name is Lorie and I have been suffering with two health issues:...NView Testimonial