Insomnia Testimonials

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9-27-10...YView Testimonial
9-27-10March 23, 2010 My mother, my partner and I have all had the benefit of the Drapersí treatment...NView Testimonial
7-19-10...YView Testimonial
4-19-10Dr. Jason L. Pickel, D.C., D.A.C.N.B.KSFinally Sleeping after 5 years!...YView Testimonial
3-19-10Problems sleeping for a long time. Took the drugs, but they stopped working after awhile. I was...NView Testimonial
2-8-10I have noticed that I am able to sleep through the night now! Before, I would awake in the middle...NView Testimonial
2-3-10...YView Testimonial
12-29-09...YView Testimonial
12-29-09Neil has emphysema and would wake up 5-7X per night. After just two weeks on oxygen he is sleeping...YView Testimonial
12-16-09Mrs. Martin had pre-diabetes, her MD wanted to put her on medication. She was gaining weight, had...YView Testimonial