Knee Pain Testimonials

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3-2-16Lewis Clark, DC, CCWP, BCIM, CGPTXBeverly S. - Knee pain for years “I am 85% pain- free after just 3 cold laser and infrared heat...NView Testimonial
3-2-16Lewis Clark, DC, CCWP, BCIM, CGPTXCarolyn H. - Knee pain for 5 years “After my first visit with Dr. Clark I found myself walking...NView Testimonial
2-20-16Michael Taggart, D.C.WADarlene has improved her energy level, reduced PMS, lost weight and eliminated knee pain...YView Testimonial
9-30-15...YView Testimonial
11-7-14Edward Yanulavich, D.C.PAStill another saved from knee surgery. I had a lot of pain in my right knee. After I had the...NView Testimonial
11-7-14Edward Yanulavich, D.C.PAAnother patient saved from knee surgery with the M6 laser! My right knee hurt me for a very long...NView Testimonial
9-19-14Edward Yanulavich, D.C.PAMan 91 years old averts knee surgery with our protocol. I am a 91 year old man with good health....NView Testimonial
9-15-14Ryan McGaughey, DCCAIn 2013 I was diagnosed with an arthritic knee and was told by two Orthopedic Surgeons to stop...NView Testimonial
8-18-14John Harper, D.C.CA...YView Testimonial
7-15-14...YView Testimonial