Migraine Headache Testimonials

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1-3-09Debra Pointe I felt more energy and no more headaches. I felt I could think more clearly Very...NView Testimonial
1-3-09Major Complaint: Pain in Neck, MIGRAINES, pain in shoulders, FATIGUED, NO ENERGY. Chiropractic...NView Testimonial
12-23-08"Chronic Headaches Almost Killed Me! Until I saw Dr. Reilly." Read what this Fairview man has to...NView Testimonial
12-18-08...YView Testimonial
10-10-08I had been having headaches over my left eye that were becomming more and more frequent. When I...NView Testimonial
10-10-08I had tried going to other doctors and chiropractors and had minimal or no results at all. After...NView Testimonial
8-8-08Thad Diehl, DCPANo headaches for 4 weeks!...YView Testimonial
7-30-08I suffered with Migraine Headaches for 25 years, sometimes 5 days in a row. Along with the...NView Testimonial
6-24-08Before coming here I was troubled with headaches
and neck pain. Dr. McArthur has shown a...
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6-19-08Lisa - My migraines were on my left side of my face and behind my left eye. I also had very bad...NView Testimonial