Migraine Headache Testimonials

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3-21-12Danielle M - Leesville, SC After 3 adjustments, Iím feeling wonderful! Hi, my name is...NView Testimonial
2-3-12Cluster Headaches...YView Testimonial
2-1-12i am 15 and i am a dancer, with back pain and headaches. i came to Prax Chiropractic and was amazed...NView Testimonial
1-24-12I used to have almost constant headaches and occasional migraines. I really thought this was just...NView Testimonial
1-24-12.......My son had a good outcome with Dr. Brian as well. He was experiencing cluster headaches. A...NView Testimonial
12-13-11Michael Taggart, D.C.WAKirkland headache solutions. Lifelong migraine headaches eliminated!...YView Testimonial
12-5-11Dr. Stringer is extremely professional, and I love the fact that he is mobile. I have dealt with...NView Testimonial
11-30-1115 Years Old/ Referred by a Neurologist for Headaches/Neck Pain/ and Back Pain...YView Testimonial
11-16-11Natalie A. Lawrence, DCGAELise Moore 1) Why did you come to our office, what was going on? That is physically (symptoms),...NView Testimonial
11-9-11Sarah Frances - Gilbert, SC After my first adjustment my headaches were better! My name is...NView Testimonial