Migraine Headache Testimonials

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4-21-11“I had been getting migraines for about the past 3 years and they had gotten so frequent that I...NView Testimonial
4-21-11“I had a headache for nine and a half months. The headache was twenty-four hours a day, seven days...NView Testimonial
4-20-11Sebastian Castelli, DCFLHad a history of ongoing migraine headaches and lower back pain. NO HEADACHES since starting care...YView Testimonial
4-1-11Monica W - Charleston, SC I haven’t had a single migraine since my first adjustment! Hi,...NView Testimonial
3-9-11...YView Testimonial
2-22-11Gerald K - Lexington, SC Since I began having specific scientific chiropractic adjustments I...NView Testimonial
1-24-11Amber F - Lexington, SC Since coming to Bigbie Chiropractic, my life has improved 110% Hi,...NView Testimonial
1-22-11Natalie A. Lawrence, DCGASamantha suffered with headaches almost daily for the last few years. After our cervical...YView Testimonial
1-5-11Kayla M - Saluda, SC Since my specific scientific chiropractic adjustments, my migraines are...NView Testimonial
12-29-10Corey Kirshner, DCPA...YView Testimonial