Migraine Headache Testimonials

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9-27-10...YView Testimonial
9-27-10March 22, 2010 In 2007 I sought out Chiropractic treatment to assist with Migraine headaches I...NView Testimonial
8-25-10My 8 years of daily migraines were treated by Emergency room visits, allergy tests, medications,...YView Testimonial
7-1-10This is a testimonial from a patient that had a chronic headache for 3 months. She saw her doctor...YView Testimonial
6-11-10Lizette’s Success Story My condition prior to receiving treatment from Dr. Akiba Green was, by...NView Testimonial
6-11-10Howard’s Story At about age 18, I began experiencing fairly chronic but mild pain in my knees...NView Testimonial
6-7-10...YView Testimonial
6-7-10...YView Testimonial
5-18-10Dr. Jonathan Claar D.C., D.A.C.N.B.VAThis patient presented to our office after suffering for years with migraine headaches. She would...YView Testimonial
3-19-10I've suffered for years with migraines. Dr. Brunke found out what the problem was, my brain was...NView Testimonial