Neurological Testimonials

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Date Doctor State Text Video View Testimonial
6-11-16Michael Taggart, D.C.WAAmazing improvement in post concussion symptoms including resolution of constant headaches,constant...YView Testimonial
11-17-14Edward Yanulavich, D.C.PAFeeling like you have lost your mind? You arenít alone. I, along with many other people I meet,...NView Testimonial
2-4-14Walter Crooks DC, CCCN, DM(P)TXComplex Regional Pain Syndrome, Peripheral Neuropathy & Drop Foot 20 year old Jessica was...YView Testimonial
1-22-14...YView Testimonial
12-18-13Dr. John Thomas GiudiceCTChronic Lyme I came to Dr. John with Lyme disease after years of antibiotic treatment and had...NView Testimonial
12-18-13Dr. John Thomas GiudiceCTPost Concussion Tori said that she had been feeling very strange after her concussion...NView Testimonial
9-6-13Alan- Columbia, SC I can play golf again now that my neuropathy is better! Hi, Iím Alan, and...NView Testimonial
7-7-13Michael A. Winters, DCKYDr. Tom Economou endorses Dr. Winters after Dr. Winters helped him with a miraculous recovery from...YView Testimonial
3-30-13Life Changing Neurology with Andy Barlow...YView Testimonial
3-15-13Loss of Smell returned. Dizziness gone! Helena Lindholm gives her testimonial about how well...YView Testimonial