Nutritional/Metabolic Testimonials

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Date Doctor State Text Video View Testimonial
10-5-15David Morris, DCTN...YView Testimonial
9-24-15Richard Joel Rosen, D.C.FL...YView Testimonial
9-28-14Natalie A. Lawrence, DCGAJill suffered with low energy, difficulty losing weight and skin problems. After our personalized...YView Testimonial
9-15-14Ryan McGaughey, DCCAI heard about Dr. McGaughey's office from a friend. She isn't even a patient, but she thought I...NView Testimonial
8-5-14Sebastian Castelli, DCFLHere we have one of our patients at Functional Health Solutions who has made great progress and...YView Testimonial
3-18-14Jay Bertsch DCMNCheri was feeling tired and had joint pain, so Dr. Tim Bertsch at Team Health Care Clinic in...YView Testimonial
3-18-14Jeff Forzley, DCILListen to a patient talk about her success with Neuro-Metabolic thearpy at Lemont Natural...YView Testimonial
2-9-14Robert Gilliland, BS, DC, BICM, D.PScFLCatherine came in with skin rashes, weight gain around the middle and gastrointestinal issues....YView Testimonial
3-1-13Michael A. Winters, DCKYI would be legally blind today without the help of Dr. Winters and Debbie. I am very thankful I...NView Testimonial
2-19-13Corey Kirshner, DCPA...YView Testimonial