Spinal Decompression Testimonials

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2-15-13Pete - Spinal Decompression Let Me Stop Taking Pain Pills! Hi, Iím Pete, and when I came to...NView Testimonial
2-13-13Helen - Saluda, SC I Can Tell Iím Getting The Help I Need! My name is Helen, and I came to...NView Testimonial
2-13-13Mechele - Columbia, SC I Am Able To Sleep In My Bed Again! Hi, Iím Mechele, and I came to...NView Testimonial
2-12-13David - Chapin, SC Hi, Iím David, and I came to Bigbie Chiropractic several weeks ago with pain...NView Testimonial
12-18-12UPDATE! 2 Cervical Disc Bulges/Dizziness...YView Testimonial
12-18-12From unable to get out of bed to 100% PAIN FREE in 6 months...YView Testimonial
9-28-12Steve Tashiro, DCCO"I had neck, back and hip pain for 3 years before starting care with Dr. Tashiro. I could not turn...NView Testimonial
9-28-12Steve Tashiro, DCCO"I originally came to Dr. Steve 4 months ago because I had horrible LOW BACK, HIP & GROIN PAIN....NView Testimonial
9-28-12Steve Tashiro, DCCO"I came to this office because I had LOWER BACK PAIN. Dr. Steve ended up helping me not only with...NView Testimonial
9-28-12Steve Tashiro, DCCO"I came here because I didnít know why my neck and shoulders were so stiff. I have been a patient...NView Testimonial