Thyroid Conditions Testimonials

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9-22-10Hypothyroid, fibromyalgia, failed spine surgery, finally gets relief. Are you next? Alaimo Chronic...YView Testimonial
9-22-10Follow up report on Hshimotos, Fibromyalgia chronic fatigue patient. Alaimo Chronic Pain and...YView Testimonial
9-22-10Follow up report with Hashimotos, hypothyroid patient. Alaimo Chronic Pain and Metabolic...YView Testimonial
9-22-10Hashi Patient with irritable bowel syndrome, improves in just 1 month!!. DR. Alaimo's unique...YView Testimonial
9-22-10Hashimotos patient drives 8 hours to see Dr. Alaimo and gets great results!! Alaimo Chronic Pain...YView Testimonial
9-21-10Hypothyroid, gut issues, brain fog, better after implementing BBT and our unique testing and...YView Testimonial
9-12-10Natalie A. Lawrence, DCGA35 pounds lost, abundant energy and pain complaints greatly reduced! Pam suffered with brain fog,...YView Testimonial
9-10-10Edward Yanulavich, D.C.PAThyroid Testimonial...YView Testimonial Bhavani had a full year of IBS that ruined her life. Not able to do any planning...YView Testimonial
9-8-10Joan...YView Testimonial