Vertigo (Dizziness) Testimonials

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5-12-08Along with exercise and better eating the services here
have helped decrease my pain...
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4-25-08Earl Purmort, an 81 year old male and resident of Mariposa, CA tells how he ended his Balance and...YView Testimonial
4-20-08My wife Janet developed a severe case of vertigo causing her severe dizziness in the prone...NView Testimonial
10-18-07Several months ago I came to Dr. Johnson seeking help for my vertigo and brain fog. I’m a math...NView Testimonial
10-18-07When I went to the MD, he only gave me drugs, which I didn’t want to take. He also told me to take...NView Testimonial
6-25-07Help with Vertigo, Brain Fog, Neck Stiffness and Headaches

Several months ago I came...
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6-25-07The Non-Existent Inner Ear Problem

I have been seeing a chiropractor (not Dr. Karl)...
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6-11-07Dr. Michael L. JohnsonWI“What a difference Apple Medical Clinic made in my life. I can now bend up and down and turn my...NView Testimonial
6-11-07Dr. Michael L. JohnsonWI“I have a twitch in my left eye and had gone to different doctors, and received no help. Later...NView Testimonial
6-4-07Dr. Michael L. JohnsonWIBarb Laronita, a 61 year-old woman, had been suffering from vertigo for four years. Upon...NView Testimonial