Vertigo (Dizziness) Testimonials

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2-14-11Michelle was having problems with her balance, she was afraid to go anywhere for fear she may have...YView Testimonial
2-14-11Dale was having major issues with Vertigo, it prevented him from particiapting in normal everyday...YView Testimonial
11-1-10Geraldine D - Columbia, SC Hi, my name is Geraldine. I came to Dr. Bigbie’s office because I...NView Testimonial
10-21-10Weslene - South Carolina Hi my name is Weslene. I came to Dr. Bigbie’s office because I had...NView Testimonial
8-25-10Keith P. Lynch, D.C.VAThis young woman can now do what she loves the most, thanks to Dr. Lynch!!...YView Testimonial
8-17-10I first came to Dr. Austager's office in July 2010. I was suffering with vertigo and dizziness for...NView Testimonial
7-2-10"When your body does not respond as normal you traditionally seek a medical doctor. My story us...NView Testimonial
6-11-10Jennifer’s Story I have been under Dr. Green’s care for over a year now. I had seen many doctors...NView Testimonial
6-7-10...YView Testimonial
6-7-10...YView Testimonial