Testimonials of David K. Naylor DC, Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM)

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Date Condition Text Video View Testimonial
5-16-13FibromyalgiaSuccessful fibromyalgia, chronic pain and fatigue management. Janette was about to go on disability...YView Testimonial
5-16-13ADHDSuccessful management of hallucinations, voices, ADD, Schizophrenia. This young lady was able to...YView Testimonial
5-16-13Arm/Shoulder PainDr. Naylor has helped me with my neck and arm pain and numbness and improved my balance so that I...YView Testimonial
5-16-13Spinal DecompressionFrances suffered for several years with lower back and leg pain (sciatica) as a result of spinal...YView Testimonial
5-16-13Spinal DecompressionPam came to our Clinic with acute leg pain unable to walk without a cane or crutches. She underwent...YView Testimonial
5-16-13Migraine HeadacheLisa has had a long history of severe migraine headaches. She was earlier diagnosed with an eye...YView Testimonial
5-9-11Lower Back Pain/SciaticaI was using a walker when I came to see Dr. Naylor. I am now free of the walker and the pain and...YView Testimonial
4-13-11FibromyalgiaTreatment with Dr. Naylor has helped my neck and back pain and is helping my fibromyalgia so that I...YView Testimonial
4-13-11Lower Back Pain/SciaticaI had sciatica and lower back pain and the treatment also helped my depression....YView Testimonial
4-13-11Lower Back Pain/SciaticaSpinal decompression help me end lower back pain and sciatica and return to sleeping at night....YView Testimonial