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6-4-20Arm/Shoulder PainOur patient Doan was suffering from left arm and hand pain and numbness, 2 months after shoulder...YView Testimonial
1-29-20Digestive IssuesDr. Taggart, Happy New year!! I thought I would give you an update. Recently I had my...NView Testimonial
3-26-19Chronic Pain/IBSTwo young brothers developed inflammatory bowel disease. As a result of several years of suffering...YView Testimonial
10-23-18Lower Back Pain/Sciaticapatient was unable to work due to low back pain and depression. Major improved in energy, mental...YView Testimonial
9-7-18General WellnessBruce improved his low energy condition, his son Bradley's severe Asthma greatly improved and...YView Testimonial
7-20-18Vertigo (Dizziness)major improvements in balance, pain relief, weight loss and respiratory function and endurance...YView Testimonial
6-21-18Digestive Issuespatient was able to overcome 30 years of constipation issues, along with elimination of brain fog...YView Testimonial
6-15-18General WellnessResolution of unexplained seizures. College baseball player found our office after medication was...YView Testimonial
5-11-18AnxietyBrain fog mental health issues, pain digestive problems. Neuro-emotional Technique...YView Testimonial
5-11-18Migraine Headacheterrible long history of Migraine and tension headaches up to 30 headaches per month, drastically...YView Testimonial